Product hack for tonsil stones, gut issues, and more

If you’re a seasoned member of our community, you know by now that I’m a huge fan of using binders as part of a health regimen, particularly the bioactive carbon binders from CellCore. It’s a product that I feel that most everyone should take, considering the toxic $#!t storm that we’re bombarded with on a daily basis.

Product Hack: Many of these binders come in capsule form, so we typically grab a couple of capsules and take them down with a few swigs of water. 

However, when doing this, we consequently deny some important areas of our body the ability to have direct contact with these binders.

If we OPEN up the contents of those binder capsules into water, smoothie, or another liquid, we give them the capability of having direct contact with the surface area of the mouth, the throat, and the esophagus! We’re getting top-down binder coverage!

Whether it’s toxins or pathogens lingering in the mouth, or bacteria hanging out near the tonsils contributing to tonsil stones and bad breath…

When we DON’T open our binder capsules, we miss some key places where unwanted bacteria, pathogens, and toxins love to hide!

Here are a few results my clients have experienced with opening up and drinking their binders for at least 1 of their 2 doses per day:

A client with tonsil stones had them disappear (and had even better results with gargling her binder-water solution for 30 sec or so before swallowing).

Another client had their severe neck pain reduce after adopting this practice

Another client with notably impaired digestion noticed a major decrease in symptoms overall simply because she took the simple step of opening up these capsule contents, allowing for better absorption!

BONUS: The fact that these capsules can be opened also makes it simple to incorporate with kids as well! We have moms and dads in our clinic successfully add ½ cap or the desired dose of the binder capsule to a smoothie, yogurt, applesauce, or even orange juice to help kiddos reap the benefits as well!

Order your CellCore BioToxin Binder here. This is the binder I begin 98% of my clients on, and we utilize ViRadChem, HM-ET, and/or carboxy as we move along the healing journey!

If you don’t already have a CellCore customer account with me, you’ll create one using Patient Direct Code: BX35QNDP.

Once your account is created, you can access all the powerful products, kits, and protocols available! Happy Binding!

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