Do You Crave Wine, Beer, or Liquor? Here Are Some Solutions!

Struggle with wine, beer, or liquor cravings? Here are my suggestions!

First you have to zone in on why you’re craving it this specific beverage:

  • Are you craving the taste? (sweet, dry, fermented, etc)
  • Are you craving the feeling of relaxation?
  • Are you looking for the buzz, or looking for the bite?!

If craving taste, there are some great alternatives:

  • Flavored Kombucha
  • Hot Tea
  • Iced Tea
  • Sparkling Water

If craving relaxation:

It’s okay to replace the act of pouring yourself a glass of wine, making a cocktail, or grabbing a beer from the fridge and sitting down to decompress after work with some healthier but similar ritual. For many people, it turns out to be less about the consumption of alcohol and more about that time where we mark the end of you work day! Whatever your routine consists of while you consume your beverage, do that! The only difference is you have a different drink in your hand!

Try having that cup of hot tea, glass of iced tea, kombucha, or sparkling water. Take a few min to stretch and relax, talk to your friends and family, watch your favorite TV show, etc. The key is to make sure you still continue to set aside the time to engage in these relaxing activities you enjoy.

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