The Perspective Shift that changed everything for me

My MENTAL HEALTH really changed when I stopped asking myself, 

“Why am I so lazy?” And started asking: 

“Why does my body need so much rest right now?”

Why do your brain, heart, body, and soul need this rest?

Whether it’s day-to-day stressors that need to be managed a bit differently, past traumas that need to be worked through, or other factors like mold, parasites, Lyme, EBV, etc., get to the root of WHY your body needs this amount of rest.

Sometimes it’s the simple matter of needing to TAKE TIME to rest when we live in a world that encourages us to run NON-STOP and glorifies burnout.

Other times it’s a matter of identifying some other root causes at hand that may be taxing your body of so much energy and affecting how well you function.

No matter what the reason may be, have grace with yourself in the process of recovering.

One of the most valuable steps that you can begin taking is starting to address your drainage pathways. The health of these pathways greatly affects your ability to buffer stress, properly excrete toxins and pathogens, etc! 

I give 3 power-packed days worth of training and resources in my 3 Day On-Demand Drainage Clinic which is free for a limited time. Grab your seat and take one of the greatest first steps in helping you to rebalance the body

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