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Start With Your In-Depth Health Consultation!

If you want a program that is designed for YOU, your lifestyle, your time availability, your food preferences, your ability level, etc, customized coaching is the solution you’re looking for! All clients begin by booking a 30 min, in-depth health consultation, held via phone or ZOOM, that allows Lyss to peel back the layers of where you’ve been, where you’re at right now, and where you’re looking to go so she can put you on that correct path necessary for your success and identify the unique factors that are keeping you from reaching your goal and achieving optimal health. Health questionnaire is completed prior to consult!

Price: $49 USD


/bīōhak/ verb - taking control of your own biology in order to achieve a desired outcome.

Mindset Mentor, Mindset Coach Allyssa

Want to lose weight fast? Mindset is the most imporant factor in your success, yet it is addressed the least! Lyss teaches you how to put your motivation on auto-pilot so you can hop off the health and weight loss roller coaster and achieving true, LASTING results! Mindset is KEY!

Health and Nutrition, Sports Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the greatest avenues of Biohacking. From the balancing of hormone levels, to naturally increasing your metabolism, you can biohack your nutrition to bring you better sleep, less pain, more energy, improved brain function.. the list goes on and on!!!

Health and Fitness with Personal Trainer Allyssa

Your current state of health, stress level, and genetic predisposition affect your fitness routine parameters. The intensity, duration, type, and frequency of your fitness, workouts should work FOR you, not against you. Say bye-bye to hours of cardio on the treadmill!!!

Adrenal fatigue, adrenal insufficiency, chronic fatigue syndrome, hormonal balance

Adrenal Health is an essential factor that  cannot afford to be neglected! Improving the health of your adrenals will not only help to balance hormone levels and increase your energy, but it will directly affect your ability to properly manage stress. Mindset, Nutrition, and Fitness ALL affect Adrenal Health!