Hey love! I’m Allyssa!

Your Virtual Health Practitioner.

My mission is to help you increase fat loss, decrease brain fog, and get your energy and LIFE back without all the fads, gimmicks, and hype of the health and weight loss industry. Through science-based methods and mindset techniques, you CAN biohack your way to the results, healing, and vitality you deserve.

What is at the true root of your health challenges?


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Success Stories

‘Blown away by her knowledge’

Without Allyssa’s knowledge, and her sharing her story, I would not have known that I was going through some of the same health challenges, including Adrenal Fatigue! I was completely blown away with her knowledge and the resources she provides. She helped me to understand that healing is not the same for every person, that each of us need to get to our own root causes, and that striving for we must strive progress rather than perfection along our healing journey.

Amanda S.
‘Blown away by her knowledge’
‘Knowledgeable, persistant, motivating’

I initially decided to reach out to Allyssa for some simple diet help. But this ultimately transitioned into me competing in my first fitness competition! I’ve worked with many health and fitness professionals throughout my life, and Lyss is by far the most knowledgeable, persistent, motivating, and caring practitioner and coach I’ve ever worked with. THAT is what made working with her so simple and easy for me.

Korynn C.
‘Knowledgeable, persistant, motivating’
‘I lover her holistic approach’

I chose Allyssa for guidance because of her holistic approach. Many of the “health” fads that are out there now require people to spend a lot of money monthly for shakes and other weight loss supplements, but don’t teach people how to eat properly, what type of exercise regimen is right for them, or how to address other root causes contributing to their health / weight loss. Her trainings on social media were so eye-opening, that I knew I had to reach out for help!

Becky C.
‘I lover her holistic approach’
‘Designed for my bio-individuality’

I am a full time employee, part time grad student, wife, and dog mom! I chose to start working with Lyss because, before her, I couldn’t find a program that was designed personally for me and my bio-individuality. Since starting, I have lost over 30 cm on my waist and almost 15cm on my hips, and ten pounds in just a few weeks! When working with Lyss, you not only have her expertise and guidance, but you also have a teammate, coach, cheerleader, and friend in your corner.

Lauren M
‘Designed for my bio-individuality’

Discover The Root Cause As To Why You're Sick, Tired,
And Weight Loss Resistant!

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