How To Stop Eating Junk Food

Do you struggle with giving in to junk food?

It’s like it has hypnotic powers, right?!

You can be doing SOOO GOOD following your nutrition regimen.

But then… you see all the baked goods just chilling there in the break room and ALL BETS ARE OFF.

I mean, if you could just live in your own little bubble where there was only healthy food available, that would be one thing.

But junk food is EVERYWHERE.

It’s near IMPOSSIBLE to avoid it!

So how do we keep it from derailing our results?

In this video, I discuss my top 4 tips in detail:

1. Don’t bring the junk food in the house!

2. If it HAS to be in the house, put it on a different shelf in your pantry, or in a completely different location altogether (some place that you don’t need to go to every single day)

3. Add barriers of entry, like sticky notes!

4. Trash talk your food!

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