Could parasites be influencing your mood and thoughts?

Have you ever had some thoughts or felt emotions that just didn’t seem like “you”? 

Maybe there are times when you just can’t help but feel SUPER irritable, and it causes you to snap at your partner or kids. 

Maybe your anxiety would just shoot through the roof seemingly out of nowhere, and you didn’t know why. 

Maybe you’d get really sad and hopeless, but nothing really seemed to occur throughout that day or that week that would have “encouraged” that feeling.

Well, I’m here to remind you that there are a lot of factors that can affect the neurotransmitters that are influencing your thoughts and feelings, and parasites are a big one that we often overlook.

Anxiety, depression, irritability, pessimism, anger, panic attacks, addictive behavior, hyperactivity, and apathy are just a few potential emotional symptoms that we see correlated with parasitic infection and the effect they have on our neurotransmitters. 

If you have been suffering from any combo of the above—and “nothing has been working”— parasites could be playing a starring role in this show. It took 30 years before I was ever told about the connection, and sadly it wasn’t from any specialist in the mental health field! Parasites and other root causes were never talked about before I was put on Zoloft and Lexapro over the years.

But PCPs, therapists, and psychiatrists (and most other practitioners) aren’t typically trained in these deeper root cause health variables (it’s not their fault!), so they likely won’t be discussing how parasites could be a culprit to your emotional struggles!

For example, a common parasite, Toxoplasma Gondii (commonly spread by cats and the reason we tell pregnant women they shouldn’t be changing kitty litter), can release a chemical that shuts down the conversion of glutamate to gaba. This leads to increased anxiety, trouble sleeping, lack of empathy, headaches, panic attacks, and all those other awful symptoms you may be too familiar with. 

How to help fight these emotional symptoms:

  1. Get the bowels moving! My (virtual) Drainage Clinic gives you a variety of tools and resources to consider to help keep this drainage pathway moving!
  2. Support your liver: low serotonin affects your liver’s ability to regenerate, reduces blood flow to it (impairing detox ability), and reduces bile flow (impairing digestion and detox). My Drainage Clinic will provide loads of insight. 
  3. Use fulvic acids. These are incredible compounds that latch onto toxins spewed by parasites. They help enhance your normal detox pathways, provide building blocks to help heal your tissues, and provide amino acids and minerals to restore what is weak or damaged (even things like broken neurotransmitter receptors). Some of the best Fulvic acids are found in many CellCore products (not all Fulvics are created equal). If you don’t already have a CellCore customer account with me, you can create one using Patient Direct Code: BX35QNDP.
  4. Grace and emotional support. Let your friends and family know what is going on. Try and help them understand that you’re doing your best while these critters try to wreak havoc! Find an integrative practitioner (like myself or another you trust) who specializes in addressing parasites and can help support you along your journey. Know that these symptoms won’t last forever!

And if you’re tired of the self-navigating, overanalyzing, and guessing games that can sometimes come along with that self-navigation process, and you want help in accelerating the process of identifying and addressing YOUR personal root causes, I’m here when you’re ready! The Healing Accelerator Bundle is our next best step in taking that bio-individualized approach to your healing journey with a practitioner who has BEEN THERE!

P.S. For my visual friends, here a few graphics to help teach you about how parasites can influence certain neurotransmitters, along with the mental and emotional health correlations! Please share these with your loved ones and on social media to spread the healing word!

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