If you have THESE symptoms, parasites could be affecting your health!

*The look I give when people say, “Nahh, I couldn’t have a parasite…”

Truth is, my friend Dr. Todd Watts says it best “if you have a pulse, you have a parasite.” So truly, all of us should be cleansing of these suckers a few times a year. But if you are dealing with any of the issues listed, it’s time to get the ball rolling now!

Parasites can house a variety of different pathogens and toxins: Lyme bacteria, heavy metals, viruses, you name it! They aren’t the SOLE REASON someone may not be able to clear a toxin, bacteria, etc. But they are one of the most overlooked factors!

When you go into a heavy metal detox, Lyme protocol, mold or Candida detox protocol, etc., and you find yourself still having symptoms after the completion of the protocol, or maybe you get better for a little while, and then symptoms come back…. 

PLEASE remember that parasites can be holding onto these toxins and pathogens and release them over time.  It’s hard to fully eradicate yourself of heavy metals, mold, etc. during a protocol when you have an organism inside of you that is holding onto that pathogen/toxin and preventing it from being removed!

First step is to always make sure your drainage pathways are open! Check out my 3 Day Drainage Clinic to equip yourself with the tools to get these pathways clear and ready for detox. Start clearing out here!

Second, get to cleansing! The Para Kit can be an incredible aid to help you detox your body of these critters, as well as increase support to digestion, the immune system, and the gut microbiome! If you don’t already have a CellCore customer account with me, you’ll create one using Patient Direct Code BX35QNDP. Once your account is created, you can access the Para Kit and all other products, kits, and protocols available.

***For all things parasites including some behind the scenes parasite cleanse content, check out my Parasite Part 1 and Part 2 Highlight Bubbles on my Instagram profile @biohackingbombshell

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