You don’t “deserve” to rest

A quote I tell myself often is, “Our rest breaks are more productive when we don’t spend time guiling ourselves for not getting something done.” – Dr. Jenn Hardy

If you’re trying to get your body into a parasympathetic, resting state, while simultaneously going through your “to-do” list or thinking about the ways that you could be making your rest “more productive,” you might as well not be resting at all. No wonder you don’t feel refreshed after you “rested.”

Especially for those who are on the chronic illness spectrum, you may be even guilting yourself for how much rest your body needs versus another. Stay in your lane. Honor what your body needs at this time. And ask the Lord to give you peace in the process.

Remember: If you don’t eventually learn how to say no, your body will end up saying it for you. Resting is NOT a luxury. It is a necessity to function. If you are feeling exhausted, then you waited too long.

Today, how are you going to give yourself healing, guilt-free rest? Please let me know here!

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