Could coffee be [exactly] what your body needs?

And by coffee, I mean a coffee enema😂

In full transparency, coffee enemas are not my favorite thing to do (mostly because of the time commitment being about an hour when I’m all said and done). But I still make them a priority at least once a month, as they surely accelerate my overall detoxification and help purge a ton of liver stones and flukes (two primary factors clogging your liver and leading to things like gut issues, hormone imbalances, etc)! During my more comprehensive detox phases, I did them about once to twice a week! 

If you are dealing with chronic fatigue, brain fog, impaired digestion, gut challenges, headaches, migraines, inflammation, insomnia, mood swings or honestly anything in between — a coffee enema can accelerate detoxification and help address the root cause of those issues.

Here’s why I PRIORITIZE this therapy, even if it’s not my fav thing to do:

  1. A coffee enema can increase your glutathione (a master antioxidant) production by 700%!
  2. They also increase the rate at which your blood volume is filtered! On average, your blood is filtered about 2 times per hour, but a 20 min coffee enema filters your blood 6-7 times in that 20 min alone! HUGE!!!
  3. The dilation of the hepatic portal vein from the coffee itself stimulates bile flow, greatly supporting liver and bile duct function which is necessary for overall detoxification, hormone metabolism, adequate digestion, and a host of other things.

This is the coffee enema kit that I use, and here is a step-by-step guide to doing a coffee enema

This is just one of many potential steps you can take to get your body’s drainage pathways open so it can effectively detox on a daily basis (this is a HUGE step that so many people miss and it keeps them sick)! 

If you haven’t grabbed a seat to my On-Demand, 3-Day Drainage Clinic where I dive deep into all of the practices, products, and steps you can take to get those pathways open, you can register now for free for a limited time! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

See you in there!

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