6 Free Resources to Support Your Healing NOW

Fact: So many of us get so wrapped up in the next best supplement, therapy, and biohack that we often overlook the FREE resources/methods to healing that are right in front of our faces.

Are supplements valuable? Absolutely.

Are protocols like coffee enemas and castor oil packs supportive of your healing? Of course.

Can red light therapy, sauna, ozone treatments, etc help move the needle forward when it comes to optimizing your health. Yes!

But let’s not undervalue the resources and lifestyle changes that we can make for free in the process. Oftentimes, we see clients disregard totally these things because they are free. It’s like we subconsciously think that we can’t possibly get THAT much value from them unless they have a price tag.

Healing isn’t about finding that one special supplement or protocol that will “save” you or that next level biohack that will be the end-all-be-all for your healing. The things that I see TRULY compound over time, playing some of the most influential roles in a client’s healing, are these very things I’m about to share with you. 

I’m happy to talk about the cutting edge supplements and therapies. If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know I share passionately about those things as well on a regular basis. But DON’T miss this….

You still have to do the daily work—AKA—make the lifestyle changes if you want to truly heal. We tend to “go after” symptoms like bloating, chronic fatigue, brain fog, headaches / migraines, mood swings, hormonal imbalances, etc with protocols and special therapies, only to skip over these foundational FREE resources and practices that should ultimately provide as the solid ground in which you build your healing on.

Years ago, I couldn’t imagine it. I was so focused on loading up on the supplements, researching the greatest biohacking products, and figuring out how I was going to purchase every supportive device and protocol out there that would **finally** bring me healing. What I found is that skipping over these resources and practices was a BIG part of what was holding me back. Refusing to acknowledge how important they were was actually a bottleneck in my healing.

I want to keep you from making the same mistakes I did.

I want you to heal faster.

I want you to heal better.

So here 6 FREE resources you can leverage RIGHT NOW to support your healing. I’d start by picking 1-2 to focus on over the next 2 weeks as you begin to really prioritize these foundations:
  1. Be asleep by 10pm-10:30pm or as close to it as possible to help optimize circadian rhythm and get the most restorative sleep. 
    • It’s not just a matter of sleeping 7.5-9 hours a night. But the time frame in which you get those hours of sleep matters. The body has its most restorative sleep when we are asleep by 10-10:30pm (are our melatonin levels rise and our cortisol levels dip). Waking up around 6/7am, or with the sun, helps to align our bodies with a more natural sleep/wake cycle! Of course, “life is life”, and this may not work absolutely perfectly for you! But aim for this general time frame as much as possible. 
  2. Limit social media time & audit who you follow.
    • Unfollow or “snooze” any accounts that do anything other than support your health, personal development, or bring you joy. If an account and their content contain negativity, constantly address topics that bring you stress, cause you to feel bad about yourself, or get you to fall in the comparison trap, it’s time to clean house!
  3. Schedule in “Recovery Periods”.
    • Despite what our culture may encourage, rest and relaxation are medicinal. Burnout is not a badge of honor. If you don’t choose a rest day for yourself, your body will choose it FOR you. You’re allowed to say no even if you aren’t busy. You don’t need to “earn” your rest. As Author Courtney Carver would say, “Overwhelm, exhaustion, resentment, and having no idea what delights you anymore are a few of the signs and signals that indicate you’ve given yourself to everyone but YOU.” My friend, your body desperately needs time to pause, restore, process, and heal. Be intentional about finding quiet moments. Listen to a meditation, calming music, or an audio book. Go for a walk. Listen to a sermon. Take a nap. Paint, mold clay, garden, do whatever you need to calm your adrenals and fill your soul. Maybe you even want to focus on quality family and friend time during these periods of rest. Loneliness and lack of deep connections can be the root causes of anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. Especially for introverted friends, this can be easier said than done—but so worth it. 
  4. Grounding
    • Ever wonder why it can feel so relaxing to take a walk on the beach? Getting your bare feet and bare hands in touch with the natural energy of the earth actually has incredibly therapeutic properties. Get in contact with grass, sand, dirt or concrete. Take a barefoot walk. Do some gardening with your bare hands. Touch some flowers. Hug a tree. Countless studies support the therapeutic benefits of grounding such as reduction of chronic inflammation, reduced pain, improved sleep and circadian rhythm balance, improved blood flow and reduce blood viscosity (making blood less sludgy), and acceleration of wound healing (from injury, surgery, etc)! This is a free resource we can ALL access!
  5. Move your body.
    • Movement is critical for your body—and mind and soul. It revs up endorphins, reduces anxiety and depression, supports blood flow and lymphatic flow, releases therapeutic constituents called exerkines that actually support our immune function, etc! You don’t need a 2-hour gym sesh to qualify as “exercise” or “movement.” Start with a walk, or even a few resistance training exercises. I have several catalogued on my youtube channel on my different “playlists” that you can check out for free! They’re categorized by different muscle groups!
  6. Soak up some sunshine.
    • Get that free, natural Vitamin D to provide immune support, hormone support, and mental health support. Got low energy? Your cells RUN on sunlight. If you want to supercharge the mitochondria in your cells so they have the power to support your day to day activities, detox, and everything else you want to fuel in life, prioritize getting sun exposure (ideally at least 20 min of early day sun without being smothered in sunscreen, clothes that cover a large portion of the skin, or even sunglasses that keep the sun from entering the eyes (which is incredibly valuable for a cascade or processes within the body). 

What’s another FREE resource that I’ve carefully curated for you?!

The 3-Day Drainage Clinic

The 3-Day Drainage Clinic (still free for a limited time) equips you with the tools to help you to take one of the most important steps in your healing! This is a HUGE first step that so many people miss, and it keeps them sick long-term if it is not addressed. As you’re on a path to addressing YOUR root causes, doing the RIGHT things in the RIGHT order for the RIGHT amount of time to achieve optimal results is essential. And it starts with laying the foundations like we talked about above and getting your drainage pathways open.

If you’re comfortable with incorporating the foundations we discussed today and are ready to take that next step in your drainage and detox journey, you can Get Exclusive Access now!

Always rooting for you,


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