When Doctors Dismiss Your Symptoms Like Chronic Fatigue, Brain Fog, Bloating, and More

Are you FED UP with being completely dismissed or even ignored when you tell doctors about critical symptoms making your life miserable?

Are doctors just giving you standard, robotic answers and not taking the time to truly investigate your health challenges?

Then PLEASE keep on reading! This blog is just for you. 

Chronic Fatigue.

Brain Fog.


Abdominal pain.


Mood Swings.

Hormone Imbalances.

These were just a few things that my previous practitioners dismissed over the years.

You know what I’d love to go back and say to some of my past “health experts”?

  • Being so tired that I needed to take 2-3 naps a day, even after sleeping 8-10 hours every night, DIDN’T mean that I “had a Type A personality and just needed to relax”. It didn’t mean that I just “needed to workout a bit less” and that would solve my problems. (Yes, those were both responses that I received from previous docs).  But it was a cry for help from my system that my mitochondria were damaged, my toxicity was high, and my cellular batteries couldn’t keep up with the demand anymore
  • Suffering from a lifetime of gut issues didn’t warrant a cookie-cutter answer of “You just have Irritable Bowel Syndrome… stock up on Tums and Pepto Bismol”. There were so many deeper root causes at hand.
  • The stool tests that came back negative for parasites should not have been used as the sole determining factor for addressing parasites, as I had countless signs and symptoms
  • Showing up at the E.R. in excruciating abdominal pain, only to have the staff run minimal blood work, and then give me a cup full of the equivalent of orange gatorade because “my potassium was just low” showed how broken our medical education system truly is. Years later I found out I had clear signs of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth my now mainstream medical trained doc would ever know that.

I could go on, and on, and on…

Even when they doubt you, even when they brush you off, even when they look at you like you’re crazy, know that you are not alone.

You DO have HOPE.

There are SOLUTIONS.

You DO NOT have to suffer silently.

A driving force in my becoming an Integrative Health Practitioner was the fact that my own symptoms were dismissed by other practitioners FOR YEARS. I had to ultimately become my own best practitioner.

Over the last 10 years I’ve made it my mission to help you identify and address YOUR root causes so you don’t feel reliant on the broken, medical sickcare system.

Just like one-size clothing never fits all (or really anyone), neither do standardized medical treatments.

You must find your ROOT CAUSES and properly address them in a bio-individualized way.

My true root causes were not Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Acid Reflux, being Type A, “being in my head too much”, etc

They actually were: 

  • Lyme and coinfections like Babesia, Bartonella, and Mycoplasma
  • Mold exposure
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Parasites
  • Breast implant toxicity
  • A variety of environmental/industrial toxins – especially glyphosate
  • And unresolved trauma / nervous system dysregulation allowing all of these other issues to be so problematic 

What I really needed was a massive detox and lifestyle changes — not more ADHD medication or a 3rd antidepressant that didn’t actually address any of my root causes. 

But it wasn’t enough to just start dabbling in some functional medicine detoxes, gut protocols, adrenal resets, and the like. After transitioning into the functional medicine approach for about 5 years and having less improvement in symptoms than I initially anticipated, I realized something…

Doing the RIGHT things in the RIGHT order matters. 

Even after someone has the realization, just as I did, that the conventional medical system is failing them, and they want to lean into functional and integrative medicine practices, many people continue to struggle with unresolved or recurrent health challenges because they either aren’t clear on what steps to take to begin with to get to these deeper root causes, OR they are taking many of the right steps, but in the WRONG order!

Two of the biggest factors that I see missed when it comes to healing from chronic health challenges are:

1) Knowing exactly how to support drainage pathways before taking the steps to comprehensively address the toxins and pathogens influencing your health (and continuing to support them along the way)

2) Understanding HOW to comprehensively detox the body to minimize detox reactions and reduce the likelihood of recurrent infections

After being in the functional medicine space for several years as a patient, I had found myself on this hamster wheel of gut detoxes, adrenal protocols, functional medicine detoxes, mold protocols, only to feel like I was at a standstill with my healing. I had gotten a better than I was when I was in conventional medicine care. And as grateful as I was for that progress, I knew there was so much more work to be done and there were still blindspots that my practitioners had to be missing.

So I kept digging, and digging, and digging.

The TOP root causes to health challenges that I discovered over the years that are often ignored by medical professionals are: 

(**Note—this is NOT an exhaustive list)

✅Pesticides and herbicides

✅Toxic heavy metals

✅Other industrial toxins (VOCs, parabens, phthalates, etc.)

✅Radioactive elements (radon, uranium, radium)

✅Bio toxins like Mold and Lyme



✅Structural interference (your alignment matters)!

✅Dental infections and palate structure

✅Past trauma

✅Breast implants, fillers, and botox

✅Side effects of medications and vaccines

✅Insufficient stress management

✅Nutrient insufficiencies

Chronic fatigue, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, brain fog, mood swings, hormone imbalances, weight gain, headaches, migraines, acne, rashes, etc., are all symptoms of imbalance within the body. By identifying and addressing your deeper root causes, you can create a personalized road map for healing and get off the chronic illness hamster wheel.

Let me help you accelerate your results so your healing journey doesn’t have to drag out years longer than it needs to.

In my Root Cause Detox Clinic, I carefully curated a step-by-step detox system, teaching you not only how to get your drainage pathways open and prepare your body for detox, but how to identify and address the TRUE root causes of YOUR health challenges, how to mitigate toxicity in your lifestyle and environment, guiding you through the process of executing a full spectrum detox, speciality detoxes, and more! THIS is your detox toolbox equipping you with the foundational practices, principals, and protocols that I use with my private coaching clients. THIS is your toolbox for years to come to change yours and your family’s health for good!

Having this resource would have shaved YEARS off of my healing journey, but now it’s my privilege to be able to provide it to you to give you the clarity, direction, and clear roadmap that I could have only dreamed of years ago.

Click here to check out the Root Cause Detox Clinic.

To your healing,

Allyssa LaScala, IHP

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