Most women wouldn’t connect THIS to their health issues

Could breast implants be making you or a loved one sick?

For me, THE TOXIC soup that makes up breast implants (saline or silicone) helps to create the perfect conditions and influences the immune system to the point where my health challenges like Lyme Disease, Adrenal Dysfunction, underactive thyroid, low cortisol levels, brain fog, mold toxicity, 56 different food intolerances, etc. could more easily exist and became quickly problematic

If you or someone you know are considering that breast implants could be a root cause variable to your health issues or maybe you’re thinking about explant surgery, here are 2 helpful educational resources where I share my experience and some helpful tips:

  • My B.I.I. YouTube Playlist that contains numerous detailed videos as I documented my journey and share what worked well for myself and my clients who have navigated similar journeys
  • My B.I.I. Instagram Highlight where I share some of those same videos located on my YouTube Playlist, Reels that address the topic of B.I.I, and other related content!

If you’re at the point in your journey where you are wanting to take a more bio-individualized approach to overall healing (explant surgery is often just one piece of the puzzle), my Healing Accelerator Bundle is the best place to start! Not only would this be the first step I take with a client who would like to better customize any pre and post explant surgery protocol, but it provides us the opportunity to look at ALL of the root cause variables that play a role in your recovery.

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