Is your doctor dismissing any of these 4 symptoms?

Your symptoms are REAL. They are your body’s form of communication. And when the body speaks we need to listen

But few things are more frustrating than when your PRACTITIONER doesn’t want to do the listening and dismisses your symptoms as if you’re a hypochondriac.

A few of my past conversations with medical specialists went like this….

Me: I have constantly tired no matter how much I sleep. I can’t make it through the day without taking a nap for 2-3 hours at a time…

Doctor: You just have a Type A personality and need to relax. Maybe try working out a bit less.

Me: My body is just exhausted and this brain fog won’t lighten up.

Doctor: It sounds like you have ADHD — let’s try Adderall. It can help regulate your sleep cycle and give you some mental clarity (completely false representation)

Me: I’m feeling like I can’t fully take a deep breath. Like no matter how much I breathe, it’s not enough (symptoms of air hunger)

Doctor: I think you’re getting in your own head a little bit. 

Me: I keep having this horrible bloating and stomach pain off and on

E.R: you have low potassium😂

If you can relate in any way to my experience, I pray that you can see you are not alone. These past experiences are exactly what led me to become an Integrative Health Practitioner to help put a stop to our broken sickcare system and help clients just like you identify and address their true root causes.

Some of mine were parasites, Lyme and coinfections, mold exposure, heavy metals, breast implants, a variety of environmental/industrial toxins, and unresolved trauma. It’s always a lovely combination!

If you’re tired of the guessing and finally want help in accelerating the process of identifying and addressing YOUR personal root causes, I’m here to help when you’re ready. The Healing Accelerator Bundle is our next best step in taking that bio-individualized approach to your healing journey with a practitioner who has BEEN THERE!

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