Before “balancing hormones”, do this

Hear me out…

Balancing hormones WITHOUT addressing the ROOT CAUSE as to WHY they’re imbalanced in the first place is kind of like putting new furniture in a home that’s on fire before putting out the first!

If all we do as practitioners is help you to band-aid your symptoms without taking the time to dive into W•H•Y your levels are off in the first place, it is irresponsible, a disservice to you, and it still allows all of the other root causes at play to wreak havoc on other areas of the body.

Below are a few of the numerous examples of types of questions that should be addressed by your doctor prior to using birth control, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), surgery, etc. in an attempt to resolve hormone-related issues.

Advocate for your health by addressing these possible root causes:

  • What drainage pathways need additional support (bowels, liver, etc)?
  • Are things like heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, bromine, or even gluten affecting my thyroid function?
  • Could I be exposed to mold (which has estrogen-mimicking effects, can greatly impair the liver which plays a key role in hormone metabolism, etc)?
  • Is it possible that parasites like liver flukes are clogging the liver bile duct affecting my hormone metabolism?
  • How am I doing with stress management and nervous system regulation which greatly influence hormonal balance?

As I have mentioned time and time again when addressing this topic, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for these types of therapies. But in mainstream medicine, they have become our go-to instead of our last resort, or the sole solution vs. one of many tools being utilized in the toolbox.

If you’re tired of simply managing symptoms vs. identifying the root cause of your health challenges, here are some great potential options for next steps!:

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