Three Ingredients Contributing To Your Bloating, Fatigue, And Anxiety

3 ingredients contributing to your bloating, fatigue, and anxiety that you likely consume on a daily basis?

Posted by Allyssa Landis LaScala on Friday, February 8, 2019
Learn About Three Ingredients Contributing To Your Bloating, Fatigue, And Anxiety That You Most Likely Consume On A Daily Basis!!

We so greatly underestimate the effect that our food (and the accompanying ingredients) has on our gut. Being mindful of your nutrition is not just for those who are looking to lose a few inches or lower their blood pressure. The food we eat and what it does to our gut DIRECTLY affects countless bodily processes including hormone and neurotransmitter regulation, mental clarity, energy production, and so much more. Anxiety, Fatigue, and Bloating are just a FEW of the side effects of an unhealthy, unbalanced gut!

There are MANY ingredients that disrupt your gut. But today, we’re addressing the top 3 that most of us consume in one way or another on a regular basis!

1. SUGAR– Fruit, juice, soda, wine, candy, chocolate, cereal, yogurt, snack bars, the list of sugar-containing foods is endless. Sugar is proven to increase gut permeability (meaning food particles are able to escape from your gut into your blood stream), increase inflammation (the number one cause of disease), and can therefore exacerbate leaky gut! 

2. GLUTEN – Gluten contains a protein known as Gliadin that is known to cause gut permeability. In fact, no human is physically able to full break down gliadin. So even if you’re not “experiencing symptoms” when eating gluten-containing foods, that DOES NOT that your gut is free from the damage! Where can gluten be found? Wheat, Rye, Barley contain gluten, but it can also be found in more unexpected places such as sauces and gravies, and any recipe or product that contains wheat flour.

3. MEAT GLUE – Yes, this is ACTUALLY a thing! Meat Glue can go by a few different names: microbial transglutaminase, mTG, TG, thrombin, Fibrimex, Activa, etc. Transglutaminase is a special enzyme that holds proteins together (hence the name meat glue). Where can it be found? Just about everywhere! Steaks, burgers, imitation crab meat, sushi, deli meats, cheese, yogurts, cereal. By law, companies are required to list it on the label. You may also see a package that reads something like, “Formed Beef Tenderloin” or “Formed Turkey Thigh Roast.” That means that that particular product used meat glue to “form” a big piece of meat from several small pieces of meat.


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