How to Get the Most Out of Your Supplements

Have you ever found yourself having a sensitivity to a certain supplement when taken at the “recommended standard dosing”. And you wish you could somehow finagle things to effectively take a smaller dosage so you could still get the benefits of the product, but without overwhelming your system with a dose that clearly wasn’t working?

Especially in the world of detoxing, this can be incredibly common. And we often don’t want to give up on taking the product altogether, but we’re not a fan of any symptoms that come along with taking that standard dosing and wish there was a way we could easily modify it.

Or maybe you have a child who you want to take the same approach with due to needing to modify their dosage in a way that is more appropriate for their particular age or weight?

It’s very possible that you, a partner, child or other family member may even find it challenging to swallow capsules or tablets altogether and you wish there was an effective way to get the product in your system using some other method.

Or maybe you are similar to myself and so many of my clients and you’ve dealt with compromised gut function for quite some time. So you’re interested in taking some helpful steps to optimize the absorption and utilization of supplements you’re consuming but wondering if your gut is doing a good job at breaking down all of these capsules?!

Well, using specific foods and beverages as delivery vehicles to empty your capsule contents or even ground up tablet contents into can be a GAME-CHANGER!

When it comes to micro-dosing a product for you or a loved one, choose one of these delivery vehicles, take ⅛-¼ capsule of the product (or whatever dosage you or your practitioner has deemed appropriate), shake those capsule

contents or tablet contents into a spoonful or so of that food or a splash of that beverage, and get it down with ease!

For those who do not need to micro-dose but are looking to utilize one of these delivery vehicles to consume the capsule or tablet contents in a “free form” or to help support better absorption, you simply add the full amount into your delivery vehicle and enjoy!

I promise you, these items taste so much better than just adding it to water, but if that’s your thing, go for it! 

In full transparency, most times, I’m simply taking a swig of water and holding it in my mouth, emptying the capsule straight into my mouth and then swallowing it all down! But I’ve been doing this for years and just find this to be the most efficient for me [no pressure LOL].

If size, taste, quantity, etc., are impacting your ability to take a product, then utilizing delivery vehicles like these could be the perfect solution.

Side note – if you are someone who can swallow capsules and would prefer not to open up your capsule contents into a food or beverage but you know you still need to microdose a product, consider purchasing empty hypromellose capsules at your local grocery store or online supplement dispensary and empty part of the original capsule contents into this empty capsule to consume as needed!

These are just a few of many considerations that we can take into account when on our healing journey. If you love the bio-individualized approach to healing and would love to take the next step to link arms as practitioner and client, dive into your case history, symptomatology, and received more customized recommendations for other factors in your protocol, the Healing Accelerator Bundle is the next step!

Can’t wait to chat,

Allyssa LaScala, IHP

P.S. Remember, you always have options—BUT please talk to your practitioner before making adjustments to your detox protocol. Opening up the contents could affect the integrity of the product overall. For example, Betaine HCL is one of the only products I will advise a client NOT to open due to its erosive, acidic properties. Always double-check!

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