Weight Loss Resistance: Mold, Heavy Metals, Other Toxins, and Trauma Can Play Just as Much of a Role in Weight Loss as a Caloric Deficit

The reality is…

• Unresolved emotional trauma

• Enviromental toxins

• Parasites

• Mold

• Toxic heavy metals

• Endocrine disrupters like BPA

• Hormonal Imbalances (stemming from or being exacerbated by these other root causes)

ALL of these and so many more issues play a MAJOR role in weight gain and weight loss resistance. 

It’s actually quite a common occurrence for a client to initially arrive at our virtual clinic, filled with frustration over explainable weight gain that has accumulated over the course of a few months or a few years. And 99% of the time, they’ve had at least one occurrence with a previous practitioner or coach who focused on the nutrition and fitness pillars of health and weight loss, but only lightly touched on or completely skipped over the deeper root causes at hand. 

When we start to explain how these toxins and pathogens are playing a role in their struggle with their weight, it’s either a light bulb moment (because they’re never heard of such a thing before) or an “I knew it” moment (because they had a hunch that there was more to the story but no “professional” would believe them)!

If you are frustrated with your body composition, whether you’re struggling to breakthrough a weight loss plateau, struggle to lose any weight at all, or you keep gaining unwanted weight unexplainably, you very likely have deeper ROOT CAUSES that have either not been addressed at all or were not addressed properly if they were indeed addressed in the past to some degree. Here are just a few examples of how these toxins and pathogens can play a role:

  1. Environmental toxins can alter lipid (fat) metabolism and promote the growth of fat cells. Early-life exposure can play a major role in predisposing animals to insulin resistance, hormone disruptions, and obesity. Ever hear of a category of toxins called Obesogens? This is EXACTLY how they got their name!
  2. Organic pollutants have been tied to mitochondrial dysfunction and metabolic syndrome. If your mitochondria within the cells of your muscles, brain, liver, and other organs don’t work well, YOU don’t work well. If your body can’t keep up with energy demands because the mitochondria are impaired, it will often downregulate certain processes within the body to accommodate. This includes the downregulation of your metabolism.
  3. Parasites are pathogens that can not only harbor and release toxins in the body that contribute to the issues already listed above. But they can also greatly influence your neurotransmitter levels which can increase cravings and affect your mood and motivation (which clearly has a downstream affect on your food choices, desire to exercise, etc). They impair the function of your various drainage pathways such as your liver which affects your ability to detox, your gut health status, hormonal balance, and more. The list of effects from these pesky critters is endless. And as my friend Dr. Todd Watts says, “If you have a pulse, you have parasites.” 

Yes, caloric intake and energy expenditure absolutely play a primary role in body composition. Those variables should still be acknowledged and accounted for. But they are NOT the sole factors. When our culture and much of the fitness industry endlessly preach this message of “calories in vs calories out”, while you’re sitting there beyond frustrated because your caloric deficit is making ZERO difference in your results, it makes you wonder…


My friend, your body isn’t broken. It’s the health education system that’s broken. 

They’ve overlooked these root causes to weight loss resistance (and countless other health challenges) for far too long. And it’s time to end the gaslighting.

It’s time for ROOT CAUSE solutions.

You’ve been stuck on this weight loss roller coaster or in this weight loss purgatory for far too long. Weight loss issues, along with the brain fog, fatigue, and bloating that tend to come along with it do not have to be your fat.

So what’s next?

There are three primary paths our community members may take from here when they are FED UP, ready, and committed to taking action to get to the root of this weight loss resistance once and for all:

  1. Start with my Free, On-Demand 3 Day Drainage Clinic where you can equip yourself with the tools and resources to learn how to open your drainage pathways to officially prepare your body for further detox in the future. This is a HUGE first step that so many people miss, and it keeps them sick. (This program is FREE for a limited time!) Get Exclusive Access!
  2. Become a member of our Root Cause Detox Clinic. This is your unlimited access member portal, giving you a step-by-step roadmap to unlock the secrets your body has been trying to tell you. As we delve deep into the world of drainage AND detox, I help you:

➡️ Identify and address YOUR major root causes of your health challenges

➡️ Learn how to best prepare your body for detox (aka get those drainage pathways open)

➡️ Mitigate toxins through your lifestyle and environment so you’re not detoxing just to re-tox

➡️ Provide you with specific tools, resources, extensive trainings & protocols to help you & your family address your root causes

➡️Receive ongoing access for years to come as we continue to update and add new education & protocols

  1. Link arms as practitioner and client for a bio-individualized,  one-on-one approach to identifying and addressing YOUR root causes. Take the first step by starting with my Healing Accelerator Bundle.

No matter what path you may be leaning towards at this time, I pray that you take action NOW. You deserve to get to the bottom of weight loss resistance and any other health challenges that are influencing your quality of life, your confidence, and your joy. And I’m blessed to be able to be part of your healing journey in whatever way that may be.

To your health and happiness,

Allyssa LaScala, IHP

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