Of course, we know there are countless benefits to exercise!

Improved mood and mental health; Increased Energy; Weight Control; Increases strength of bones and muscles; Decreased risk for health conditions and disease…

The list can go on and on.

Majority of individuals think of fitness as the primary component when trying to reach a health or fitness goal.

Truthfully, your mindset, nutrition, and adrenal health need to be on point in order to reap the benefits of a fitness regimen. Those three components lay a solid foundation for a fitness program to be implemented.

Fitness needs can vary drastically from person to person. Your current state of health, stress level, and genetic predisposition (just to name a few) affect your fitness routine parameters.

It is not necessary for every individual to workout 5 days a week for 90 minute sessions. A 60-min cardio session isn’t necessarily more productive than a 20 min cardio session. Some people benefit from heavier lifts, while others should lift for endurance.

We tend to adapt the mindset of “The more, the better. The harder, the better.” That isn’t necessarily the case. Without an appropriately structured fitness program, you could actually do yourself more harm than good.

It’s important to exercise in the correct manner, implementing a program that is designed specifically for you, your goals, your health status, and your ability level. No matter what equipment (if any) you have available to you, and no matter how much time you have, Lyss can create a customized fitness program that compliments your goal!

The intensity, duration, type, and frequency of your workouts should work FOR you, not against you.


Start With Your In-Depth Health Consultation!

If you want a program that is designed for YOU, your lifestyle, your time availability, your food preferences, your ability level, etc, customized coaching is the solution you’re looking for! All clients begin by booking a 30 min, in-depth health consultation, held via phone or ZOOM, that allows Lyss to peel back the layers of where you’ve been, where you’re at right now, and where you’re looking to go so she can put you on that correct path necessary for your success and identify the unique factors that are keeping you from reaching your goal and achieving optimal health. Health questionnaire is completed prior to consult!

Price: $149 USD