Waist Trimmers, Waist Trainers, Corsets, and Sweet Sweat… Do They Work?

Waist Trainers, Waist Trimmers, Waist Cinchers, Corsets, and skin gels … Do They Even Work? Are They Healthy To Use?

Guys, I’ll be honest. I am SO TIRED of fitness models and female idols posting pics with waist trainers and corsets, encouraging individuals to believe that that’s essential in order to have a slim waist.

What are some of the “Pros” of waist trainers?

  • Temporary localized reduction in water weight
  • Increases sweating and thermal activity
  • Potential posture reminder

What are the CONS of corsets and some waist trainers:

  • Potential damage to organs such as kidneys, liver, and intestines, pushing them upward
  • Decreased blood flow to intestines and organs
  • Reduced Lung capacity
  • Increased acid reflex from squeezing on stomach
  • Abdominal atrophy and decrease in abdominal tone

Alternatives: Shapewear such as Spanx or Body Wrap!

Sweet Sweat is a product made by the company Sports Research. The product line claims to increase circulation (heat), sweating, and energy. Despite the company’s deceiving name, there is NO research on this product. The only “science” I could see was the 60 sec video showing a thermographic difference between a part of the body that had Sweet Sweat applied and a part of the body that did not. The part with Sweet Sweat had a higher thermal temperature. That’s it.

Guys PLEASE do not waste your money on products like these! A personalized nutrition and fitness program will do more than these products ever will! Book your consult and lets chat!

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