Top culprit of brain fog, gut issues, and other symptoms

By now, you may have heard about how many health issues and lawsuits have been correlated to usage of Glyphosate (key component of RoundUp and many other weed killers, lawn and garden treatments, etc). And it’s sad to say that I see this toxin level elevated on 99% of client lab results when we run an Environmental Toxins Panel!

“It’s everywhere,” people say. “It’s not that big of a deal.”

Just because it’s sprayed on everything, just because it is just about everywhere, doesn’t mean we should normalize it and label it as “Okay”…

Your gut and brain are just two of the many areas of the body affected by glyphosate. It can kill off good bacteria in your gut, leading to gut dysbiosis (an imbalance of bacteria) and causing inflammation, contributing to Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohns, Colitis, Leaky Gut, etc. 

It can also cause people to develop non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Ever wonder why so many people are gluten-sensitive in the U.S. vs some other countries? It’s because our crops are treated with glyphosate or other chemicals (often illegal in other countries).

And gut inflammation pours over into brain inflammation — brain fog, mood shifts, difficulty focusing, etc.

So what are some of the best steps to take to minimize exposure:

  1. Go for organic foods when possible. Check out the Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen List found in my Glyphosate Highlight on Instagram to learn which product items to prioritize for organic purchases. We cover other items to prioritize organic and why in that highlight as well!
  2. Drink purified water. Ideally Distilled water, or Reverse Osmosis as a runner up (I talk about why I choose these filtration methods in my Water Highlight on Instagram if interested)
  3. Continue to educate yourself. You can learn about the other ways glyphosate can affect the body and what you can do to help reduce your exposure via the Glyphosate Highlight I linked above!

In addition to mitigation, many of ya’ll know I’m a HUGE fan of using bioactive carbon binders to bind up glyphosate exposure (in addition to other toxins) daily as it’s impossible to avoid them all! 

The two best binders for binding glyphosate are ViRadChem Binder and HM-ET binder. If new to these binders, I’d typically have a someone start with ViRadChem, taking 1-2 doses of their binder each day (**Not medical advice – check with your practitioner before starting a health regimen).

Both binders can be found on Cellcore’s website. If you do not have a customer account set up, please use Patient Direct Code BX35QNDP when creating your account!

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