This SINGLE product change helped my mom’s gut issues

You know how a lot of us wish there was this magic pill that would take away our symptoms without putting the time and energy into making a lot of the other changes we know we should make?😂

Well even if that’s not you, that’s most of the people in my family, including my mom!

I got tired of seeing her struggle with nausea and other gut upset on a regular basis and FINALLY was able to convince her to set a daily alarm on her phone to remind her to take 1 dose of ViRadChem Binder everyday. 

Even if she wasn’t willing to reduce gluten, dairy, alcohol, processed food consumption, or take any other step to detox, getting her to take binders once a day was a win!

That was over 6 months ago and those issues haven’t returned since.

I don’t share this to say that binders are a “magic pill” (even though I think it’s smart for every human to consider being on a bioactive carbon binder daily).

But I share this to encourage you in knowing that even the smallest step in the right direction CAN make a difference in your health, or the health of a family member or friend.

You don’t have to “do it all” to see progress. 

Take one step at a time. Sometimes it’s a very passive step like taking a single, powerful, effective product once a day that is the best you can do. And that’s OKAY.

If you ever want to dive into the world of bioactive carbon binders and other CellCore products, you can check them out HERE and use Patient Direct code BX35QNDP to create your customer account!

I believe in you. You are strong, determined, and have an “I GOT THIS” attitude when given the right tools and guidance. You can do more than one thing to FINALLY feel better. Join me in a 3-Day Drainage Clinic. Click here for instant access! You will learn exactly what drainage is, how to identify and address dysfunction in your drainage pathways, protocols you can start right now, and oh so much more! I so wish drainage was the first thing I learned and started with. You don’t have to wait any longer to feel better. Let’s do it, together!

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