Here’s how I stay healthy while traveling

Life is busy—whether you are traveling or just living your daily life! But we can’t let our schedules compromise the health of ourselves and our families

Here are my 3 top tips for staying on track while out and about:

  1. SUPPLEMENTS: Pre-sort them. I like using a combination of the GoStak containers from Blender Bottle (I like the 40cc size), or when ended, Pill Pouch baggies like these from Amazon. I can easily take these on a plane, throw them in my purse to go into a restaurant, or even put them in my pocket. Protein powders, electrolyte powder, and supplements themselves typically go in the GoStak containers, and I bring the appropriate scoops along as needed.
  2. WATER: I always bring my own stainless steel water bottle (or two) with me. I can refill it throughout my travels with purified water (no tap water, and no water fountains that say they purify the water but typically have baseline filtration requirements). I’ll go to the local grocery store if running errands or a marketplace / cafe within a hotel when traveling and stock up on purified water bottles or, ideally, gallon jugs (distilled or reverse osmosis water if possible). Or sometimes I’ll even just get an Instacart delivery of water/food!
  3. FOOD: This is probably the hardest one for most people. You can either prep your food prior-to and bring it with you in a lunchbox on a plane or other form of travel (I do this all the time). You could place a grocery order through Instacart and have it delivered to the Airbnb, hotel, etc., where you are staying. If going out to eat, look at the menus of restaurants prior to going so that you can select one that gives you the greatest options to make healthy choices (if that’s your goal). If going somewhere impromptu, be HONEST with yourself about the choices that can be made. Many times, it’s not that we “can’t” find something decently healthy on the menu, it’s just that we would prefer to pretend like there aren’t healthier options so that it gives us an excuse to eat whatever we want😅

Want more tips? Check out my Travel Tips Highlight Bubble on Instagram where I share other tips like what you CAN bring through T.S.A. at the airport, devices and products that help reduce the cellular stress that often increases when traveling / on-the-go, and more!

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