Don’t invest in a detox if you’re not also doing this…

Go with me here…

Pretend you are a goldfish, and the water in your bowl has taken on a nasty brown color and pungent smell. 

Would you rather have your human just give you some detox fish flakes and leave you in your crusty bowl…

OR would you rather he give you some detox flakes AND clean up your bowl/environment?! 

The answer is clear: gimme da flakes, and clean my bowl! 

As silly and obvious as this analogy may seem to some, we don’t always apply the same logic to our home and lifestyle.

Spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on detoxes won’t matter if you are swimming in toxins on the regular…. You detox just to re-tox!

What are some of the main sources of toxicity that we have control over? I talk about many of them in detail (along with solutions) on Day 1 of my 3-Day Drainage Clinic!

But 4 of my top areas of focus when creating a clean, solid foundation for your lifestyle and environment:

  • Get to sleep: If you’re doing all the detoxes, but you’re skipping out on sleep, you’re stepping over dollars to pick up pennies.
  • Water filtration: Tap and well water can develop into their own chemical and pathogenic cocktails. Consuming water that’s been properly filtered is essential.
  • Air filtration: It is a huge source of phthalates, VOCs, mycotoxins, etc., that add to our toxic load.
  • Personal/home care products: everything from cleaning products to shampoo to makeup, and beyond! I have a personal care and home product ingredient reference guide, including lists of some of my favorite products, in the 3-Day Drainage Clinic as well!

Ok, but real talk—you can’t live in a bubble and control everything. Also, changing 234 things at one time is just not realistic and totally overwhelming. That’s why I want you to find 2 things to reel in. Start with 2 from the above list, or pick another 2 that I discuss in my Drainage Clinic. But just start with 2, commit, and when you accomplish those 2, pick 2 more!

Key Takeaway—We shouldn’t be delegating dollars towards detox products and protocols if we are not also willing to address the other factors influencing our overall toxicity in the first place, or else we will forever be fighting an uphill battle!

If you haven’t already, dive into the Drainage Clinic and immediately access Day 1 so you can leverage these helpful resources!

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