How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

Why You May Be Having Trouble Losing Fat In Your Mid-Section (and no, it’s not just a matter of eating less calories)…

If you have fat that you’ve been trying to lose and it’s REALLY difficult for you to break through this weight loss plateau, especially in your midsection It seems like nothing’s working?… it is absolutely possible that you have heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and exposure to foods that you can’t fully digest, and that is CAUSING your body to hold on to more fat.

Here’s what I mean….

Your body is freakin smart. When it’s exposed to something toxic, it produces white fat cells as a protective mechanism to keep toxins AWAY from your brain. So everytime that you’re taking in something toxic — whether it be pesticides on your food, heavy metals from toxic cookware, ingredients in implants (whether they be breast implants, IUDs, etc), mold exposure, or even consumption of foods that cause inflammation like dairy and gluten — your body will create white fat cells to surround that toxin, to protect your brain.

And then once your body has created these toxic fat cells, its not too willing to release them. Your body can intentionally hold on to those fat cells with a death grip because it doesn’t want to allow them to get back into circulation and risk them harming your brain.

So how do you get past this? How do you break this cycle when you already have higher fat stores. 

You need to improve your detoxification capabilities by reducing your body’s inflammation through the RIGHT foods and the RIGHT supplements ( and this is why I focus so greatly on this during my 7 Day Reset program), and stop exposing yourself to those toxins. They may be toxins you’re consuming through foods, beverages, personal care products, or your environment. But you need to identify the source and separate yourself from it as soon as possible

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