Could Mold Be Causing Your Health Issues?

Could mold be causing health issues for you or your family?

Posted by Allyssa Landis LaScala on Thursday, January 24, 2019

Could MOLD be causing health issues for you and your family?

For the last several months, I’ve started to notice a significant change in my health. I began feeling MUCH more tired than usual. And honestly, tired is an understatement. I began feeling completely WIPED OUT. Like… so tired that, to even think about getting up was exhausting in itself. On top of that, my brain fog escalated to new levels. I would be driving and forget where I was going. I would forget things that my husband had JUST said to me. I would be in the middle of speaking and forget what I was saying.

Now, I had experienced these symptoms before with my earlier diagnosis of Lyme Disease, and continued to experience them to some exptent with Adrenal Fatigue. I mean, fatigue and brain fog are symptoms of MANY different health issues (lyme disease, gut illnesses, the flu, pneumonia, anemia, depression, you name it). But this was now on an entirely new level and I had been biohacking my body, my nutrition, and MY LIFE in every way possible for the last 3 years. So what could POSSIBLY be wrong now?!

My Integrative M.D suggested I get a test done to check the level of mycotoxins (mold toxins) that may be dwelling in my body. Well, one cup of pee and two weeks later, and we discovered that I was off the charts for 4 different classes of mycotoxins. Guess what these specific strains of mold cause within the body? Suppress the immune system, damage the gut, contribute to oxidative damage of the brain, etc! IMAGINE THAT!

Why do I find it so important to share this with you? Because I need you to know that you can be doing EVERYTHING RIGHT and still be exposed to environmental toxins that you’re not even aware of! I use the greatest biohacking supplements, follow some of the strictest nutritional protocols, and I still had toxicity within me! If you know in your “knower” that something feels off, I beg you to please seek out an integrative MD that will listen to you. One that is willing to look at more than just the typical western medicine symptom and drug diagnosis.

Do not let anyone convince you that you are just crazy, or that it is all in your head. They don’t call your gut your “second brain” for nothing. If you feel in your gut that there is more going on with your health than what appears on surface level, do not stop until you find your answer! You WILL find your path to healing.

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