A HEALTHY Lubricant: Helpful Products For Those With Endometriosis, Menopause, and More!

Whether you or someone you know is dealing with Endometriosis or Menopause, whether you’re a cancer survivor who went through chemotherapy or a new mom whose body is going through a lot of changes, or maybe you’re just a woman who wants to use a HEALTHY, all-natural lubricant…. YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS INTERVIEW!

Kaylyn Easton is an expert in this pillar of female sexual health. And as taboo as this topic may be, Kaylyn dedicates her life to raising awareness of the importance of sexual health. Watch as we take this topic from being this x-rated, to actually being about HEALTH!!!

So, in addition to Endometriosis, Menopause, Chemotherapy, and child birth, any sort of bodily issue, disease, and even the foods we eat can alter our vaginal flora. Not only can this cause vaginal pain and irritation during every day life, but it can make sexual intimacy a HUGE issue.

There are two general solutions: Hormonal Creams or synthetic-based lubricants.

Kaylyn shares a story about her one post-partum friend who was looking for a solution to her vaginal pain and dryness, and the only solution she was initially presented with was a $150 estrogen cream. That was just NOT in the cards for her and her budget. She began using Kaylyn’s product, Chiavare, and found immediate relief!

This is just ONE of several incredible stories Kaylyn shares about the women whose lives were changed by incorporating this all-natural lubricant.

For more details on this ground-breaking product, go to www.chiavareoil.com 


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