Should You Do A Cleanse?

Should You Be Doing A Cleanse?

When people hear the word Cleanse, they tend to think of it as a way to lose 5-10 lbs really fast, and likely spend half of their day in the bathroom to reap the results.

Is that truly what a cleanse should be used for? No.

Are all cleanses created equal? HELL NO.

There are HUNDREDS of Cleanse options out there:

> Colon Cleanse

> Liver Cleanse

> Juice Cleanse

> Master Cleanse

> Nektar Cleanse

> Water Cleanse


There are a select few things that you need to consider when deciding to do a cleanse, as well as certain qualities you should be looking for when you choose the cleanse you’d like to do. I personally walk you through these steps in my video above!

You can find further details on the Cleanse that I personally use with myself and my clients HERE.

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