If you want a trainer who is not afraid to push you but also will motivate you to the max, Lyss is your girl. She won’t just be your trainer - she will be your friend, which I think is WAY more important than anything else you will ever need. She will never bring you down, even when your laying on the ground saying that’s it- I give up. As I want to give up, she reminds me reasons why I shouldn’t. She gets to know YOU, not just your body. She gets to know your personality, likes and dislikes. She’s unlike anyone I have ever worked with. She doesn’t do it for the money, she does it for the love of making someone feel better about themselves. I was at my lowest of my low with my body and my personality. Lyss brought out a different side of me that I never thought I would have. I love fitness, I love fitness because of her. I want to get healthy, I want to love myself because of her!

Jen D.

I reached out to Lyss because I was seriously struggling with my weight and overall fitness goals. Lyss REALLY listened to me. She didn’t just give me some cookie cutter workout and meal plan. She customized both plans to fit my daily routine. I was eating things I actually LIKED to eat on a daily basis and my workout plan focused on my specific problem areas! I had crazy results within the first week of even being on her plan. I knew if I ever had any issues, she was ALWAYS willing to help and make the proper adjustments in a prompt manner.

Leslie M.

I have had a lot of trainers (8 to be exact) that really were more just about money, than really caring about their clients. I had no results, was so unhappy with paying so much money for programs that never worked for me. I chose to work with Lyss because I saw great progress from her clients and saw how happy they were. So I took a chance. And now, I will never go anywhere else. Having Allyssa as my coach for 9 months now, I have seen more results than I ever had in the past. She has been so helpful and motivating, has a huge heart, and most of all, she wants to do everything she can to help you get where you want to be.

Christina P.

Allyssa and I have worked together on a professional level for a long time on various projects. But without her knowledge and sharing of her story, I would not have known that I was going through some of the same health challenges, including Adrenal Fatigue! I was completely blown away with her knowledge and the resources she provides. She helped me to understand that it’s not the same for each person, that holistic health is a journey, and that striving for progress is better than perfection.

Amanda S.

I’ve known Lyss for over 10 years. And as I started to see her passion for and progression within the fitness industry, I decided to reach out for some simple diet help. But this ultimately transitioned into me competing in my first fitness competition! I’ve worked with many fitness professionals throughout my life, and Lyss is by far the most persistent, motivating, and caring coach I’ve worked with. That is what made working with her so simple and easy for me.

Korynn C.

I chose Lyss for guidance because of her holistic approach.  Many of the “health” fads that are out there now require people to spend a lot of money monthly for shakes and other weight loss supplements, but don’t teach people how to eat properly or how much exercise is good enough. And because it seems that as I get older, my stomach can’t handle foods the way it used to - her videos on Facebook were enlightening and another reason I asked for her help.

Becky C.

I’ve known Allyssa for years now, she’s always been an inspiration to me, just the other week I realized it was time to reach out to her again for advice. I’ve been experiencing bloating, digestive problems, tired all the time, no energy to workout. So I booked a consult with her, and I had no idea what she was going to tell me! We peeled back so many layers and dug into my current health practices. She gave me some incredible suggestions that I’ve implemented, and my digestive tract is amazing now! Just in a matter of days! Allyssa is amazing! If it wasn’t for her, I would still be feeling tired and miserable!!

Brianna K

I contacted Lyss in hopes to better understand my body and how to fuel it properly. I signed up for a consultation and was incredibly pleased with the service. She contacted me immediately after signing up with a questionnaire to fill out so she could be prepared for our meeting. We reviewed my goals, current diet and exercise routine, and formed a plan. She had great suggestions, explained why she made the suggestion, and answered all my questions. After our conversation she sent me a follow up, and checked in on how I was doing with her suggestions. She was knowledgeable and she listened to what I had to say. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is struggling to find the right path on their fitness journey.

Jodie B.

Lyss was actually chosen for me, by a friend of mine, who knew I was struggling with shedding unwanted pounds.  I was feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and lacking confidence I once had.   As we get older and our bodies change, we realize we cannot eat the foods that once had no bearing on weight gain or bloat.  Initially I was against the idea.  I didn’t want to fail my coach and/or fail myself in the process.  After further consideration, I became excited and decided to go for it! The personalized meal plan was my favorite part of this experience.  I was never taught proper portion control or how much protein, carb, veggie and fat intake I should be consuming with each meal per day.  I also never understood what it meant to eat “clean”.  Now I do.  My personalized exercise plan was also created to fit my busy work schedule and allowed me to do my workouts in the comfort of my own home.  She really took the time to create this plan FOR ME. She has a true gift!

Amy H.

It was Allyssa’s time that she took to remind me that I can do anything that made all the difference. She is truly an amazing trainer. Her patience and knowledge of how the body works, the time she takes to educated you… no one has done that for me before. Her quick response back to a text on any questions.. Well it is just above and beyond!

Lori L.

I am a full time employee, part time grad student, fiancé, and puppy mom! I chose to start working with Lyss because I couldn’t find a motivational program that was catered personally to me. I have lost over 30 cm on my waist and almost 15cm on my hips! I have dropped about ten pounds and I am still striving for more results! If you decide to start with Lyss, just remember you will always have a teammate, coach, cheerleader, and friend in your corner.

Lauren R.

I am a full time college student who is also working, I loved working with Lyss, because she honestly understands me and gets how crazy life can be. I personally needed someone to help me just tone and lose some weight. I didn’t want to build too much muscle which seems to be the main goal these days. She understood completely. I’m not done with my program yet, but I’ve already dropped at least two sizes. I’m fitting into clothes I couldn’t from 3 years ago. I feel much more active and healthy. Honestly, my one piece of advice is, don’t give up. Ask for help if you need to. I did, I asked to work with Lyss, and I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without her. You need others to help you sometimes and then you just get that little push and you can achieve great things.

Cheyanne K.

I’m a 53 year old businessman, husband and father of a 9 year old daughter. Running my business is stressful and making the time to spend time with family while working out was tough but I got to the point where I needed to change in order to be happier and healthier. I’ve always been active and played a lot of sports. Those sports are now taken a toll of my body and it was LOUDLY letting me know it. I knew that i needed to change but knew the old workouts that i was used to doing was not going to work. I met Allyssa through a business Leads group and we discussed my symptoms and she explained what she did. It all made sense. I needed to change my diet and work out differently and smarter than I have in the past. I told her about my 3 knee surgeries, fused disc in my back and a very painful hip problem. She went to work and presented me with my very own customized diet and exercise plan. I followed it and lost 9 pounds in the first week. Talk about incentive, this was it. Now for the last 11 weeks I’ve followed the program as Allyssa tweaked it as we progressed and I had a work related back injury. I’m now down 26 lbs and look and feel much better. Allyssa is a joy to work with and I highly recommend her to EVERYBODY. She’s always eager to answer questions and works hard to keep you on target and motivated. I wish I met her sooner, the road back be the body I want would have been even easier. If you need to lose a lot of weight, a few inches or want to get into the best shape of your life, Allyssa is the absolute best choice to help you. Don’t wait, you owe it to yourself and you’ll thank yourself for it.

Tony D.

I’m a busy mother and wife, working countless 12 hour days, managing to squeeze in only 3 workouts in the last month. But I’m down 10 lbs, 14 inches, and I’m just getting started I’ve been battling thyroid disease over half of my life, and PCOS and Insulin Resistance for the past 8 years, fluctuations, ups and downs, nutritionists, trainers….. Allyssa finally nailed it. Allyssa, you are absolutely a blessing. Anyone contemplating change, there is no one better or smarter!!!!!

Jen L.

I just turned 30 and I feel amazing! I chose to work with Lyss because of her experience. I knew her through a friend and loved everything she stood for. Through my 12 week coaching experience with her she has been very professional. She is always there to answer any questions I have. I asked her to help me with food choices and toning my body. And it has happened. I definitely think everyone should give her a shot. If you want to lose weight, tone or just need some food help. She knows it all. She is a positive person and very nice.

Stef W.

Of course I had days where I wanted to give up and days where I wanted pizza and cookies or the cake everyone was eating, but I stayed true to MYSELF! Yesterday I had a check up with my doctor as I suffer from migraines and take topamax and although I am continuing my meds she was impressed so say ummm… do you realize you lost 16lbs since march? 16lbs guys!!! Yup! Today I stepped on that scale and saw a number I haven’t seen since before getting pregnant with my daughter who is 2 y’all…149!!! I can’t say thank you enough to Allyssa for being there for me through this journey and helping me!

Alyson U.

I loved how personalized my program was to MY schedule and MY body. Lyss really thought out each exercise and meal to accommodate my needs and how my body responded. More importantly, I could reach out any time of day with questions or concerns and she was always there to encourage, support and push me! I had purchased a training program from another coach before, and while I saw results, they were not as significant as the progress I made with Lyss. It was lacking all of the extra supports that she offered!

Bryanna K.

I’m just like everyone else, busy! I work full-time for an insurance company and am a mother chasing around two crazy kids! Making time for my workouts was never an issue for me; my issue came down to nutrition. Lyss created a custom meal plan for me that I actually enjoyed eating!

I reached out for help when my daily workouts weren’t bringing me the results they should have been; I was tired all the time and depressed. With her plan I lost 8 pounds and 12 inches and gained confidence and a new appreciation of myself! I finally reached my goal of fitting into my size 4 shorts!

She hands-down has YOUR best interest at heart and truly wants to help you become the best version of YOU! She puts her clients first and I can’t thank her enough for all of the support and knowledge I gained in my 16 weeks with her! If you’re up in the air on whether or not to reach out to her, please do! You won’t be disappointed!!

Melissa H.

I am 27 years old and I work full time Managing for a Recruiting Firm. I decide to reach out to Allyssa because I was getting beyond frustrated with myself and the progress I WASNT making. I normally eat very healthy and worked out like crazy but just wasn’t seeing the results I felt I should have been seeing. Once Allyssa gave me a customized work out plan & meal plan, I started to see changes in my body, FINALLY! I wasn’t eating enough or enough of the right food to be able to tone my body the way I wanted to. I still have a ways to go to get the body I want but with Allyssa’s guidance & advice I will get there! One thing I have taken away from this experience is PATIENCE. I must have patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I will continue to make the right choices when it comes to my health & fitness. If anyone out there is considering working with Allyssa just DO IT! What do you have to lose besides maybe some lbs?? Seriously, take care of yourself and your health! It is the most important thing & once you lose your health you lose so much more! To have someone to talk to about your insecurities, your thought process, your work outs, your meal prep, someone to encourage you through every week, its just so important. Thank you Allyssa for everything!

Brittany E.

This is the first time anyone has actually known ((*I mean *REALLY* knew*)) what the heck to do about my metabolism!! I’ve been spending $40 on probiotics every month and they haven’t done anything, even though they were refrigerated and supposed to be top-notch! Lyss took the time to explain to me what type of probiotic I should truly be looking for that would help heal my gut! AND, this is the first fitness guru to KNOW what hyperthyroidism is!!!

Lauren H.