“It’s Time To Put Your Motivation & Willpower On Auto-Pilot!”

What’s the first step when it comes to how to lose weight, fast? You HAVE to start by addressing your mindset! Without addressing the power of the mind, even the best coaching and programs are unlikely to ‘stick.’ Lyss combines a positive, affirming atmosphere with proven #SelfLove techniques to transform your mindset into your most powerful tool!
Most of us could agree that we have a decent idea about what healthy changes we could implement into our nutritional practices and exercise regimens. But…

WHY don’t we do it?
Why is it that we can have a plan laid out for us, that is guaranteed to bring results, and we still don’t follow it?
Why do we make choices that we KNOW will set us back?

Because we still haven’t changed our mindset. We haven’t changed our PROGRAMMING!
Look at it this way…
Let’s say that you type up a report, you save it to your computer, and you print it out. You begin reading through the document and notice that there a few typo’s. So, you hop back on your computer, pull up the document, and print it again. Once more, you read through the document and notice the same typo’s. In reality, you can continue printing as many copies of that document as you want, but until you go back into your computer and change the typo’s within the programming, the errors will still remain! Pretty logical right?
But we don’t naturally apply that same concept to our biggest programmer of all… OUR BRAIN!
If we don’t start the process by addressing our mindset, our paradigms, our mental programming, then we might as well not bother at all!


Start With Your In-Depth Health Consultation!

If you want a program that is designed for YOU, your lifestyle, your time availability, your food preferences, your ability level, etc, customized coaching is the solution you’re looking for! All clients begin by booking a 30 min, in-depth health consultation, held via phone or ZOOM, that allows Lyss to peel back the layers of where you’ve been, where you’re at right now, and where you’re looking to go so she can put you on that correct path necessary for your success and identify the unique factors that are keeping you from reaching your goal and achieving optimal health. Health questionnaire is completed prior to consult!

Price: $149 USD